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HSBC Holdings plc is a British multinational investment bank and financial services holding company. It was the 6th largest bank in the world by 2020, and the largest in Europe, with total assets of US$2.715 trillion (as of August 2020). HSBC traces its origin to a hong in British Hong Kong and its present form was established in London by the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation to act as a new group holding company in 1991; its name derives from that company's initials. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation opened branches in Shanghai in 1865[1] and was first formally incorporated in 1866.

A former employee said this in a review: " Working at HSBC means a lot of work pressure, excessive hours, sometimes not respecting meal times and wages are unfair to the work that is excessive".


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Former Employee - Vice President Premier Relationship Advisor says

"They find every excuse not to pay bonuses. They micro manage employees. They expect you to work overtime and not pay you for it. Branches are in disrepair. Awful customer service. Lack of competitive products to see. They promise a book of thousands of 'affluent' customers but they don't have any. They force you to sell products unsuitable to clients needs. Zero advancement opportunities."

Vice President, Premier Relationship Manager says

"Systems (DOS - Based from the 90's), limited or no mouse control, the company has no money and employees feel the cuts. Systems do not sync with each other, and will waste a lot of your time copying and pasting information between different systems. Tech support is outsourced to India. And they generally give you a bad attitude when you call or for anything out of the ordinary. The systems will give you issues randomly, resulting in a call to tech support. This will take you about 1hr to 2 days to resolve. Management - VERY VERY micromanaged. Managers 2 levels above you will give you pressure. Everyday is a numbers game. My manager would throw numbers at you in the morning, ask how far along you are before you leave for lunch, then again before you leave. a Huge waste of time, and makes all employees miserable. Managers will blatantly tell you to disregard policy and procedure. The employee is then left in a tough situation. I once called banker support to see what they had to say about breaking this policy due to manager/branch discretion. They spoke to the manager and she flat out lied and sounded like she was borderline about to throw me under the bus. Impossible to deal with things like this."

Current Employee - Premier Relationship Manager says

"Lack of direction in the retail bank, lack of knowledge- the senior management team, the branch staff, the compliance group: all are generally clueless with no understanding of the products clients have and no communication between business lines."

Former Employee - Premier Relationship Manager says

"internal politics, international disconnect, only wants deposits, not enough support and training for a "world class" bank."

Current Employee - Premier Relationship Manager says

"Job design is horrific (you just get swamped and are expected to somehow survive the first horror-show of 6-months to 1 year until you figure things out). No employee support, management believes negativity is somehow motivating (?), and IT/business processes are labyrinthine and antiquated. The entire company needs to be re-engineered from the ground up and most of the management and lifers canned."

Premier Relationship Manager says

"Micromanagement rife, archaic systems, lack of trust in employees. Advice proposition a complete mish-mash of mediocrity."

Current Employee - Premier Relationship Manager says

"goal posts change daily micro management mentality high sales pressures low staff morale"

Former Employee - Premier Relationship Manager says

"If you've never worked anywhere else, this might seem like a great company to work for. However, if you've worked elsewhere, you'll see it for the nightmare it is! There is NO training. The systems are outdated and antiquated so there is no way to 'figure things out' -- which explains why so many work 12 hr days sometimes 6 days a week just to keep up!!! The extend of my training was to 'read the manual'. Turnover is EXTREMELY HIGH due to systems and management."

Former Employee - Premier Relationship Assistant says

"Very less salary & no promotions. I worked there for 3 years in the same position, though i was the best, even got a team player certificate in the 1st quarter, which is quite sad!"

Premier Relationship Manager says

"Too many to list but here are some 1. Wells Fargo pre law suit sales practices (super shady) 2. No work life balance, they’ll have you work 6 days a week without overtime pay and cut your hours or have you take longer lunches (which is illegal) they’ll have you manipulate your timesheet to not show overtime even when you work overtime 3. The system is ancient, takes 2 hours to open up an account. Make you ask the customers questions that no other banks ask and a lot of customers feel like they’re being accused of wrong doing. Also, you have to use like 4-5 different applications to get one thing done 4. Bad leadership and definitely headed in the wrong direction 5. No opportunity to grow and the turnover rate is so high they start you at a decent salary because they can’t keep employees. 6. You never know when you will be laid off because the US operation is actually losing money and not bringing the company profits. They’ve shut down quiet few locations. 7. They promise you $8k-12k in bonuses. Don’t fall for that it’s not true Finally, the laid a bunch of us off today after hiring us in November, that’s 4 months after being hired. They pulled us into the office and told us we have 90 days to find another job. If that’s not enough for you to run away, then I wish you the best of luck!"

customer representative (Former Employee) says

"Never been so stressed to work for a company in my life and I’ve worked in high stressed places. The company don’t support you with your mental health. If anything they make it worse!Paid fortnightlyThe list is to long"

EJECUTIVO PYME (Former Employee) says

"Bonos trimestrales estan sujetos a discrecion del subdirector, es decir , no importa cuanto hagas o vendas, el subdirector tiene la ultima palabra de liberacion de bonosdesmotivacion"

Customer Service and Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Selective bullying by team leader. Senior management self centered and liars. Force sales over customer service. Care about profits and bonuses for senior management rather than staffNoneTerrible work ethos"

PPM Manager (Former Employee) says

"Toxic PPM Project Performance Management. No culture, strategy nor leadership, unskilled managers lack even basic education! No strategy, no customer strategy focus, no agile approach, hideous leadership team full of clueless non digital natives. Everyone is backstabbing. Major politics. CULTURE IS TOXIC cascading faults, search scapegoats. Global Head bully, who has no clue about job complexity, his lieutenants are unqualified, random peoples poorly selected, with poor leadership skills. Bullying culture day by day.I'm so glad I've move department as my current HSBC bosses appreciate dedication, own initiatives and respect people!Toxic PPM Project Performance Management. No culture, strategy nor leadership, unskilled managed lack even educationSick hours, Management earning above £100k without even education"

executive (Former Employee) says

"Terrible company, below market salary, embarrassingly low bonus, cost cuts, extremely poor /management w/o knowledge, no vision or strategy, no advancement, lack of business growth, Brexit fiasco,chaos, lack of direction by executive management, lack of meeting regulations, hsbc will be in a big problems with regulations. Terrible culture. Technology at the 18 century level. CEOs and senior management at certain divisions - completely incompetent. Long history with regulatory problems and violations, and continue.... Low morale, incompetent management.noneas above"

Cashier (Current Employee) says

"Worst place to work In retail hsbc staff managers everyone is bossy everyday new procedure pathetic manager no humanity work culture is very bad all old staff don’t help you try to bring you downWorst place to work in retail hsbc uKPoor management/ unfair"

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I had a ‘bait and switch’ situation that was never rectified. Complete disrespect for my position from the highest up management. I would never recommend HSBC to anybody, for any reason."

Global trade and receivables finance Officer, Import and Export collection (Former Employee) says

"HSBC is the worst place to work for stress no experience no life balance no security no friendly workplace bad environment worst management system on the planet"

CSE (Customer Service Executive) says

"I worked with HSBC from 2006 however unwanted ppl get selected and when a person wants to move to a different location the management are so selfish that they only want them to grow however when it comes to the CSE,s we are being penalized...Thats the reason i took a decision quit the company....Thanks and have a nice day"

Sr VP Branch Manager (Current Employee) says

"Not good company to work for Don’t give existing employees a chance to grow Systems very backdated No opportunity Uncomfortable to work for Not competitive"

AVP, Audit Manager General (Former Employee) says

"This is a very complex matrix environment so it is beneficial to have cross functional experience and be comfortable with dealing with people from all levels of the organization."

Cashier (Current Employee) says

"Hsbc are a joke to work for. So much pressure to meet targets that aren’t targets, they claim to have staff wellbeing at their heart but they do not care really all they care about is the customer and customer satisfaction. Not one bit of decency is shown towards the staff who are ridiculously stressed and run down due to ever growing work load. Giving the current circumstances with Covid-19 there is no thought given to their staff or their families or children.. there has been no clear guidelines and still expected to carry on as normal. A staff member was sent home one day due to being in contact with someone with suspected symptoms, rang HR and advised to self isolate... only to then get a phone call saying if they have no symptoms to go back to work the next working day! They are not taking this seriously at all and just shows how much they really dont care They don’t care about individual circumstances such as not having any childcare at all during this situation due to family members being high risk, yet will not accommodate the time off!!"

Personal Banker (Former Employee) says

"Tus jefes determinan el bono sin importar el resultado bueno o malo"

Corporate Trainer (Former Employee) says

"I've consulted for over 70 companies since leaving HSBC and I can honestly say, it is the worst company I've ever worked for. Poor management, efforts are not recognized, etc."

Associate Consultant (Former Employee) says

"This place is meant only for people who butter the management . Job culture is not upto mark.managerial decision is completely viod. Salary is paid very very less compared to work presure"

Credit Officer (Current Employee) says

"I have learnt so much in regards to unsecured borrowing since I have been here. A typical day here in fast paced and there is so much to take in and learn.Pension is very goodShifts - Working until 8pm"

Relationship Banker (Former Employee) says

"Even upon starting with the company the lies begin. The role you apply for and agree to is nothing like what the job entails once you start. The hours and location you agreed to work can change on a seconds notice as well. The company technology seems trapped in the 1980’s, and the internal support you need to help customers is almost non existent."

Credit Controller (Former Employee) says

"For a person of colour the environment could be unwelcoming The managers connived to heap faults just to get rid of you because of your skin is shocking considering the reputation of the bank as a global brand. They have couple of very unhelpful coaches whose jobs are just to see you fail Worst human treatment i have ever received in a work place.nonenone"

Senior Program Manager (Current Employee) says

"Working a "professional day", apparently means 12 to 15 hours for no more pay or benefits. There are hundreds of department managers, where they are the only person in the department. Way too many overlapping jobs. Dozens of people doing the same job in different departments. No wonder they're losing so much money.Some of the people are really nice, just not the peolle on managementReally long hours (4am conference calls with London), then working to 9pm. If you're not in the inner circle you're never going anywhere."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Avoid at all costs if you wish to have your sanity!!!!! Awful management throughout. Bad morale and quite frankly an awful place to work. Their apparently not allowed to “sell” customers anything but that’s all their about. Lying to customers to get their sale up"

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